Agency Issues- Past, Present, & Future CE Class Followed by Happy Hour 2-5pm August 8th, 2018

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The Future Of Real Estate Business- 3 Cr Hrs Commissioners Standards July 11 2-5pm followed by Happy Hour

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Monsoon Safety

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June 15th is our Official start of the Monsoons!

Pull Aside-Stay Alive Video Link

Best advice for blowing dust: Pull Aside, Stay Alive

  • June 10, 2018

    PHOENIX – You know not to drive into the towering wall of dust. And if a dust channel whips across a highway and engulfs your vehicle, the mantra “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” can lead you to safety.

    But even after you’ve pulled aside, one of the most important actions must still be taken – turn off your lights!

    Turn off headlights, emergency flashers, dome lights and take your foot off the brake. Stay buckled up, set the parking brake, go dark and wait for the dust storm to pass.

    Here’s why: If you become caught in a dust storm and have pulled off the highway, you’re in a dangerous spot – less dangerous than driving blind on the road, though – and want to hide. You can do that by turning off all vehicle lights. If you leave lights on, drivers behind you might believe you’ve found the way out and follow, crashing into your parked car because low-visibility affects depth perception.

    The Arizona Department of Transportation has produced 30-second public service announcements – in English and Spanish – on this topic that will air statewide on television and radio throughout monsoon season as part of ADOT’s partnership with the Arizona Broadcasters Association. The PSAs can be viewed on ADOT’s YouTube channel.

    As Monsoon Awareness Week begins and we near the official start of monsoon season, ADOT wants to remind drivers of the No. 1 dust-storm driving tip: Do not drive into a dust storm.

    “Road trips are a great way to get out and experience all that Arizona has to offer,” Governor Doug Ducey said. “If there’s a dust storm in your path, it’s time to take a break from driving. Make the safe and smart decision to delay your travel plans and wait for the storm to pass.”

    Towering, dense, blowing dust can drop visibility to zero. Just as dangerous are the small dust channels that whip across roadways in an instant, affording drivers little or no opportunity to avoid them. In such events, ADOT has developed the following “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” dust storm safety driving tips, which can help travelers survive a storm.

    ·         Avoid driving into or through a dust storm.

    ·         If you encounter a dust storm, immediately check traffic around your vehicle (front, back and to the side) and begin slowing down.

    ·         Do not wait until poor visibility makes it difficult to safely pull off the roadway – do it as soon as possible. Completely exit the highway if you can.

    ·         Do not stop in a travel lane or in the emergency lane. Look for a safe place to pull completely off the paved portion of the roadway.

    ·         Turn off all vehicle lights. You do not want other vehicles approaching from behind to use your lights as a guide, possibly crashing into your parked vehicle.

    ·         Set your emergency brake and take your foot off the brake.

    ·         Stay in the vehicle with your seat belt buckled and wait for the storm to pass.

    ·         Drivers of high-profile vehicles should be especially aware of changing weather conditions and travel at reduced speeds.

    More information on dust storm safety can be found at and safety tips for driving in rainstorms can be found at

    For current road and weather conditions, passengers should check on Twitter with ADOT (@ArizonaDOT) and the National Weather Service (@NWSPhoenix and @NWSTucson).

Monsoon Safety

3 Credit Hours “FAIR HOUSING: FACT or FICTION” June 13th 2-5pm Followed by Happy Hour

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SMARTZIP- Predictive Analytical Way To Farm

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If you ever wanted to farm, this has me sold on being the best way to go about it.

It is exclusive to Empire West in AZ now

Is this something that might interest you?

Click links, watch videos, let me know I will set up a meeting or webinar.

Hi Paul,

Here is the landing page:

As promised, here is a quick overview of SmartTargeting, a seller-focused platform helping thousands of agents across the country land more listings every year.

SmartTargeting uses over 150 predictive algorithms to analyze and identify the homes and homeowners most likely to sell in your area and then target market to those homes.  On top of the analytics, we offer a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing platform to help agents get in front of these top prospects months before they start the process of selling their home.  The program is highly customizable – you select the territory and the frequency of marketing built from the options below:
SmartTargeting includes:
  • A dynamic list of every home in your farm, ranked by their likelihood to sell in the next 6-12 months
  • Branded direct mail pieces (including handwritten letters) sent directly to your farm’s most likely sellers
  • Digital brand reinforcement through cookie-matched online ads and social media ads
  • Branded lead capture websites with proven seller-focused calls to action
  • 8×8 email nurture campaign for incoming seller leads
  • Smart CRM follow-up tools and apps that help you automate your follow-up and engage with top seller prospects at the right time
  • A “Check In” app to stay on top of your follow up and priorities each day
  • Dedicated account management team to insure maximum ROI
  • Inside Sales Agents call to verify the listing intentions of top-predicted sellers in your farm and set up listings appointments with homeowners that indicate they are interested.
In sum, SmartTargeting helps you identify top prospects predicted by big data, target them with unique seller-focused marketing, and engage these sellers one-on-one to land more listings.
Want more info?
Here’s a two-minute video overview of SmartTargeting
Here are client success stories — in their own words
Please let me know if any additional information would be helpful.



3CR Hrs- Contract Law- “Solar Lease Addendum-Key Points To A Successful Closing”

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3CR Hrs Legal Issues- FLEXMLS and Working with Clients April 11 2pm-5pm followed by Happy Hour

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Complimentary Outdoor Headshot and Happy Hour April 4th

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Document Shredding Event 3-14-18 from 11am-1pm

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Utilizing Mobile Technologies for REALTORS- 3Cr Hrs DISCLOSURE

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